All cons have their post-convention ambition-peak, and Mysterium has been no exception.

Things I've convinced myself I want to do in/around Myst fandom and Mysterium:

-Make it to next year's Mysterium
-Make lots of Riven/D'ni jewelry/replicas and sell to fans (assuming I can get Cyan approval)
-Post designs and tutorials and provide partially-finished pieces for fans to DIY/make costumes with (fans DIYing is way more awesome than me getting maximal amounts of money)
-Provide Unwritten with shiny things to offer as Kickstarter incentives when they do a Kickstarter
-Provide next year's Mysterium with shiny things for prizes/raffles
-Contribute actively to (posting/commenting)
-Involve myself in running next year's Mysterium in some way
-Work on outreach to get people who liked Myst but are not In Myst Fandom TM to feel welcome and interested in the forums, Mysterium, fanart, fan projects, etc.

If I only accomplish half of that, I'll still feel pretty awesome. And I think it's doable!

I love this fandom so much! Highlights of this year's con include:
-geeking out over canon/headcanon with Capella
-seeing the Unwritten presentation (OMGyay this is totally what the fandom needs right now)
-seeing Rium's amaaaaazing Myst book
-seeing the Starry Expanse (RealRiven) project
-building a rube goldberg device in the Seattle hackerspace
-talking to a fellow fan who has a blacksmith shop
-winning a prize for the rube goldberg device, from a fan who carves wooden jewelry
-dreaming of making some sort of amazing collaboration with the two above fans!
-getting lots of lovely compliments on my fan-jewelry (and getting typos pointed out on my D'ni bracelet, oops.)
-meeting folks who had only recently heard of Mysterium/modern Myst fandom, as well as seeing wonderful familiar fans
-playing Cards Against Humanity
-not wanting the con to be over early for me! (though hanging out with non-fandom friends in Seattle was definitely a good thing.) Next time I'll be there for the whole thing!

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