First I had a dream in which I was writing Ages and one of them was some sort of floating island in a gas giant... I had a child somehow? And we were zooming around in these flying antigravity belt/boat things, but then the dream got all sci-fi and there was a fleet of spaceships surrounding my child and I had to make contact with them and fight through space-opera bureaucracy to gain audience with Someone Important to get my child back. I don't know.

THEN (possibly after hitting the snooze button on my alarm a few times) I dreamed I was at some combination of Mysterium and Readercon, and I had somehow turned my previous dream into a short story I'd written, and it was being published in an anthology (but I was less prominently featured than some other authors, including names of actual Readercon authors and also forumgoers from Mystcommunity). And I was at a release party/book signing/reading because of this. And I was secretly really terrified because the story in the book was my first draft, I had submitted it either without expecting it to be even read, or in anticipation of editor-y help that never came, but it was just published in original form. I kept thinking back to my earlier dream and coming up with criticisms of the pacing, the plot development, the characterization, etc. because, well, I'm not a writer and that dream was in fact not a very well-structured story. But at the same time I was putting on a cheerful face and chatting with some Mysterium types and talking up the possible Myst meetup in the Boston area that I'm trying to organize (which I actually am trying to do on the forums) and and and...

My brain is very strange sometimes.
I should probably be Doing Something about unpacking around here, but it is over 80 degrees F and I am thus incapable of moving.

So! I'll recap last week's adventures instead:

Mysterium )
Attempted escape from Spokane )
Camping and visiting parents )

The whole trip just flew by in retrospect. I feel a bit like I need a vacation from the vacation. Ah well, back to the code mines.
Specifically, Readercon and Mysterium. Readercon is within commuting distance for me; Mysterium is on the other coast and I would normally not fly out just for that, but it's happening right before the week that it was going to make sense for me to visit my parents, so I'm flying to Spokane for Mysterium, my dad is driving me from Spokane to my parents' house in the Portland-ish area, and I'm flying back from Portland a week afterwards.

I expect Readercon to be shiny and literary and over my head in a pretty predictable way (see my post a bit ago about my currently somewhat-intimidated relationship to reading). I'm not sure I'll have read anything by the guests of honor, but hopefully I can concentrate on going to nifty panels and readings and stuff instead of feeling guilty.

With Mysterium, I am less certain of what to expect. I've played Myst and Riven countless times and been at least a lurker or infrequent poster in online fandom for the last 10 years and dabbled in fanart and stuff... but on the other hand, I'm not that enthused or knowledgeable about the more recent games and don't feel like I'm a well-known forum-goer these days. So I'm not sure how it will work out socially. But, well, geeking out about Myst fandom will be nifty in any case. I'm hoping to have a few Myst jewelry pieces (referencing the ages from the first game) put together to wear while I'm there, and maybe also a linking book thingy for my G1 ^_^
Dear readers,

If any of you can find or write Firefly/Real Genius crossover fanfic involving Kaylee/Jordan, you will win one internet of your choice.

my 3am brain

(Yes that would be gratuitously ridiculous. But it would be so cute! :D)

ETA: I *did* discover but it has no firefly.


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