I should probably be Doing Something about unpacking around here, but it is over 80 degrees F and I am thus incapable of moving.

So! I'll recap last week's adventures instead:

Mysterium )
Attempted escape from Spokane )
Camping and visiting parents )

The whole trip just flew by in retrospect. I feel a bit like I need a vacation from the vacation. Ah well, back to the code mines.
rivenwanderer: (Default)
( Jul. 31st, 2009 05:18 am)
So I've already whined about this on zephyr/twitter, but my plane that was supposed to take me to Mysterium yesterday afternoon/evening... tried to take off twice but had the airplane version of the "check engine" light come on both times, so it was rescheduled to leave today at 1pm. I got myself rebooked on a flight leaving at 6:30am, because that way I'll miss less stuff. I'll sleep a bunch on the plane, I suspect. Sigh.

(Oh right, I am going to Mysterium, which is a Myst fan con, and then going camping with my family on the Oregon coast. I'll be back on the 9th.)


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