First I had a dream in which I was writing Ages and one of them was some sort of floating island in a gas giant... I had a child somehow? And we were zooming around in these flying antigravity belt/boat things, but then the dream got all sci-fi and there was a fleet of spaceships surrounding my child and I had to make contact with them and fight through space-opera bureaucracy to gain audience with Someone Important to get my child back. I don't know.

THEN (possibly after hitting the snooze button on my alarm a few times) I dreamed I was at some combination of Mysterium and Readercon, and I had somehow turned my previous dream into a short story I'd written, and it was being published in an anthology (but I was less prominently featured than some other authors, including names of actual Readercon authors and also forumgoers from Mystcommunity). And I was at a release party/book signing/reading because of this. And I was secretly really terrified because the story in the book was my first draft, I had submitted it either without expecting it to be even read, or in anticipation of editor-y help that never came, but it was just published in original form. I kept thinking back to my earlier dream and coming up with criticisms of the pacing, the plot development, the characterization, etc. because, well, I'm not a writer and that dream was in fact not a very well-structured story. But at the same time I was putting on a cheerful face and chatting with some Mysterium types and talking up the possible Myst meetup in the Boston area that I'm trying to organize (which I actually am trying to do on the forums) and and and...

My brain is very strange sometimes.
rivenwanderer: "It compiles! SHIP IT!" w/ star wars droids (ship-it)
( Jun. 9th, 2009 01:19 am)
An icon for both fans of bad code and fans of implausible slash pairings. Yes, I am a bad person.

(Feel free to steal, if you are silly too.)


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