It suddenly got very hot and muggy here in Camberville. Luckily, my basement (which is where I work on jewelry) is at least 10 degrees cooler than our apartment. This evening, "jewelry is all I can think about" was an even more accurate statement than usual. My brain is like a Discworld troll's--hot weather, especially humid weather, reduces my mental capacity to "reading the internet is so... hard... but everything else is harder... ugh". I can feel myself getting smarter with every step down into the cool basement.

So I went to the basement and wrangled things instead of being an internet zombie this evening! This time I remembered to take pictures (though not always at the points that make for good narration).

Words and pictures this way! )
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( Sep. 13th, 2009 02:19 am)
1) Anyone want to go with me to see Truth Values on the 17th? It looks pretty interesting and relevant to both MIT (of the 80's as well as now) and geek feminism!

2) I have a metal stamping tool that (I think) will be useful for producing pixel designs on jewelry. Problem is, it's big enough that I think that any design would need to have a small number of pixels--at least one of the dimensions would need to be 10 pixels or less. I'm planning on trying a little pixel heart, but if anyone has other cute, very small pixel art designs that they think are cool (and won't get me sued for replicating), please let me know! Oh, and I'm also going to experiment with some texturing options so that there are multiple "colors" available, not just black and white.
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( Jun. 18th, 2009 02:30 am)
I'm in the process of spinning this nice striped Ashland Bay roving and trying to keep it from turning muddy.... it's a mix of colors that's even more subtle than the examples and advice I've been able to find so far have featured. (I think it's the "forest" colorway.) Spun into somewhat bulky, cocoon-y singles after lots of dividing prepwork, the colors are there, but certainly blended and muted a bit. I'm hoping that the lovely reds and greens and purples will be apparent in the finished knitted work to those who give the brown hat I'll be making more than a cursory glance. When this is done I'm totally buying some roving with less subtle colors to play with!

This excellent post called "Drunk on Color" at Cabinet of Wonders is how I see the world on a good day... or any time I'm in front of a nice display of color options at a hardware or art supply store ^_^

Tenuously related, (I Fell In Love With) The Majesty Of Colors is a pretty neat small flash game. With sea monster tentacles!

And even more tangentially related, I think that the use of color is a big part of why Knytt Stories worked so well as a gaming experience for me. (Along with the excellent gameplay feature of monster-avoidance replacing monster-combat, which anyone who's seen my early attempts at playing Twilight Princess will remember is pretty much my preferred treatment of monsters in games.)
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( Jun. 14th, 2009 01:54 am)
OK, I have decided I actually do want to use this for crafting posts after all. I'll keep crossposting craft-related stuff to Crushes On Crafts, mostly so that I can easily refer crafty people on etsy or craftster or whatever to something centralized. So, uh, if you're following this and also the RSS feed for Crushes On Crafts, things might be a bit redundant. Sorry. Anyway!

Spinning! Yarn! I've made more of it with my drop spindle and it totally looks like real yarn.


From left to right: 2-ply wool (the dyed strand is from roving that came pre-dyed in those colors); Navajo 3-ply tussah/merino; and a swatch knitted with said 3-ply. I kind of want to make a knitted version of this hat from the 3-ply with some as-yet-nonexistent colorful/wacky handspun stuff for stripes, but I'll need to do some calculating first to make sure there's enough. I haven't yet decided what I'm doing with the 2-ply; the colors are kind of cool but also kind of terrifyingly retro. (I'm half-jokingly calling it "The Last Juniper" in my head--there's no good reason to reference The Last Unicorn, but the colors *are* pretty juniper-ish.)

Still haven't gotten around to dyeing this two-color stuff purple. It may need to wait until after the move.
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( Jun. 13th, 2009 09:55 pm)
- I was not at Pride today
+ ...because I was at an awesome jewelry/metalsmithing class at the Cambridge Center For Adult Education!

+ And then there was an awesome picnic in the park ^____^
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( May. 21st, 2009 04:44 pm)
Mostly just trying to get this out somewhere before I forget it all:

-connecting multiple beetle wings together to make a boat-like shape holding... beads? something? on a necklace
-earrings with little dangling flips of hammered silver and a single gear

-try setting the twist in my probably-overspun single and see how weird it is to knit/crochet with
-dye the 2-ply stuff purple and try knitting/crocheting with it (requires buying a dyeing pot first)

-see if a sort of rough brushed vignette effect improves the sky-like area in my most recent painting attempt
-finish closing the ends on that painting
-maaaaybe see about turning it into some kind of modular art with gear type thingies hanging from the wires? but maybe the minimalism that's there now is best.

There's a long weekend coming up, so assuming nothing explodes at work, I'm hoping to get to at least some of this soon! Yay! Maybe tonight I'll clear off my craft table.
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( May. 15th, 2009 02:43 am)
This is mostly for my own reference. And a reminder to myself that I should update my poor neglected craft blog!

-making (mostly steampunk-ish) jewelry: I think I am nearing the limit of the interesting stuff one can do without learning Actual Grownup Metalsmithing TM. I have a lot of supplies and some ideas for what to do with them; I really need to not acquire more rusty old metal objects in hopes of figuring out what jewelry to make with them, though :) Taking metalsmithing class is pretty high on my list of "when I can afford it" things.

-crocheting: I feel like I'm pretty good at freeforming random shapes; I have a couple of books of interesting stitches and an annoying stash of yarn that I keep meaning to turn into actual projects; I don't like patterns.

-knitting: I'd say I'm an advanced beginner (I can make awesome rectangles with ribbing! I can kiiinda deal with DPNs and increase/decrease shaping). I still don't like patterns (and at least as far as I can tell, knitting is less good than crochet for randomly fooling around without a pattern and only a bit of a plan).

-spinning: I think I'm an advanced beginner--I can go from precarded wool to 2-ply yarn. Haven't tried knitting with my own yarn yet, so I don't know if it's any good. Haven't learned any of the really shiny wild handspinning techniques yet. Also haven't played around with dyeing fiber or yarn that I've spun, but I hope to fix this very soon. I also want to figure out how to spin usable single-ply yarn.

-painting: I like acrylic paints, and am OK at mural-in-a-dorm levels of painting; I am reasonable at texture and color, but making shapes that look like actual objects is Hard (unless I'm just copying something that someone else has already drawn).

-screwing around with polymer clay: ehh? Yay pasta machine? Haven't honestly done a lot with this besides initial tentative dabbling

-linocut printing: getting better at that whole ink brayer application thing, so my prints are coming out better. Want to get better at evoking shading in the block cutting.

-sewing with a machine: totally a beginner at this. Making clothes is Hard (especially when you aren't shaped like a lot of the patterns you can buy). I still want to make some awesome skirts someday. I have way too much fabric sitting around for patchworking together "someday" as well as some actual fabric from a store.

-computer graphics: I miss doing 3D stuff in Blender--I haven't really made anything complicated in it since high school, and so many awesome features have been added since then! I'm getting to know Inkscape pretty well, but use it for mostly utilitarian stuff.

-noodling around with experimental printmaking: I've tried using my pasta machine as a small printing press and plan on trying a table vise as an even smaller one. Dunno if this is awesome or ridiculous, given that I theoretically could get trained on an actual printing press if I wanted to.

Hmm, now that I've written that all out I could swear I'm forgetting something. Uh, if I've bounced at you about some craft idea that didn't make it to this list, feel free to remind me :)


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