-Returned from Lake Tahoe safe and sound. Had a pretty good if exhausting time while there, and I think I have more enthusiasm for my job and also a better idea of what is neat about our company.

-Got addicted to Insaniquarium, but I think I'm done.

-My dad sent me some pictures from when we lived in Nevada; I'll upload them to Flickr and post them once I've chosen which to share with people.

-Finished The Orphan's Tales. ZOMG. READ THESE BOOKS, PEOPLE.

-So uh moving... anyone have advice on moving when you have the ability to do so in stages? We have to be out by the end of the month but have the ability to move stuff there sooner. Some bits of our current place are relatively organized (uh, like the books that are on the bookshelves?) and a lot of bits are kind of chaotic--including some boxes that I never really finished unpacking. Also we have more stuff here than space in the new place, so some stuff will have to go. I figure we'll want to paint the new place first of all, but I'm not sure what comes after that. If you're the kind of person who'd be happy to hang out with us and keep us sane while we sift through stuff, let me know.


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