rivenwanderer: Me crafting in front of a window. (crafting)
( Jun. 18th, 2009 02:30 am)
I'm in the process of spinning this nice striped Ashland Bay roving and trying to keep it from turning muddy.... it's a mix of colors that's even more subtle than the examples and advice I've been able to find so far have featured. (I think it's the "forest" colorway.) Spun into somewhat bulky, cocoon-y singles after lots of dividing prepwork, the colors are there, but certainly blended and muted a bit. I'm hoping that the lovely reds and greens and purples will be apparent in the finished knitted work to those who give the brown hat I'll be making more than a cursory glance. When this is done I'm totally buying some roving with less subtle colors to play with!

This excellent post called "Drunk on Color" at Cabinet of Wonders is how I see the world on a good day... or any time I'm in front of a nice display of color options at a hardware or art supply store ^_^

Tenuously related, (I Fell In Love With) The Majesty Of Colors is a pretty neat small flash game. With sea monster tentacles!

And even more tangentially related, I think that the use of color is a big part of why Knytt Stories worked so well as a gaming experience for me. (Along with the excellent gameplay feature of monster-avoidance replacing monster-combat, which anyone who's seen my early attempts at playing Twilight Princess will remember is pretty much my preferred treatment of monsters in games.)
rivenwanderer: Me crafting in front of a window. (crafting)
( Jun. 14th, 2009 01:54 am)
OK, I have decided I actually do want to use this for crafting posts after all. I'll keep crossposting craft-related stuff to Crushes On Crafts, mostly so that I can easily refer crafty people on etsy or craftster or whatever to something centralized. So, uh, if you're following this and also the RSS feed for Crushes On Crafts, things might be a bit redundant. Sorry. Anyway!

Spinning! Yarn! I've made more of it with my drop spindle and it totally looks like real yarn.


From left to right: 2-ply wool (the dyed strand is from roving that came pre-dyed in those colors); Navajo 3-ply tussah/merino; and a swatch knitted with said 3-ply. I kind of want to make a knitted version of this hat from the 3-ply with some as-yet-nonexistent colorful/wacky handspun stuff for stripes, but I'll need to do some calculating first to make sure there's enough. I haven't yet decided what I'm doing with the 2-ply; the colors are kind of cool but also kind of terrifyingly retro. (I'm half-jokingly calling it "The Last Juniper" in my head--there's no good reason to reference The Last Unicorn, but the colors *are* pretty juniper-ish.)

Still haven't gotten around to dyeing this two-color stuff purple. It may need to wait until after the move.


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