Is there interest among you guys in a kind of "reading group" for text adventure games? I envision something like [ profile] scifibookqueue, where the group would pick a game to play during a set block of time, with maybe one thread for discussion while people were in the middle of it (including asking for hints, presumably using some kind of agreed-upon method for concealing spoilers) and one thread for people to discuss the whole thing after they had finished the game.

If you're interested, please say so! And let me know whether you think I should host it in my journal or start a community for it. (the advantage of a community would be that people interested in IF who don't otherwise care to read my journal could join the "book club", but I'm a bit wary of starting Yet Another Underpopulated DW Comm)
rivenwanderer: Sinfest devil laptop is excited and enamored of something (Excited laptop <3)
( Sep. 1st, 2009 03:31 pm)
Dreamwidth-only icon post :p

Slightly topical to the icon, I am extremely enamored of puzzle/exploration platformer games right now--Nifflas' games most of all, but I am working my way through the more puzzle/exploration focused games from this list and just bought Braid last night (though I foolishly did so right before going to bed, so I haven't seen anything more than the opening screen--which was SO BEAUTIFUL. I love that art so much.) I'm pretty sure I like a specific subset of platformers that are more about puzzles than reflexes, but I don't know if this is a codified sub-genre or what.

I'm still a big fan of room escape games, but not enough to play mediocre ones religiously, and I haven't seen any really spectacular new releases lately.


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