I should probably be Doing Something about unpacking around here, but it is over 80 degrees F and I am thus incapable of moving.

So! I'll recap last week's adventures instead:

Mysterium )
Attempted escape from Spokane )
Camping and visiting parents )

The whole trip just flew by in retrospect. I feel a bit like I need a vacation from the vacation. Ah well, back to the code mines.
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( May. 22nd, 2009 01:57 pm)
Susannah and I are moving to the Inman Square area by July 1*! It'll be about a ten-minute walk to my office in Central. We'll be living in a 1-bedroom apartment/suite within a communal housing thingy started by [livejournal.com profile] currentlee consisting of us, Lee, and 3 other people. So there'll be a common living room and dining room and kitchen and study/office and project-y area (!), but we'll have our own bedroom, small kitchen, and living room. Which seems like the perfect balance of individualism/privacy and communal living to me. Dinners together every night, taking turns cooking! Hanging out with housemates who seem really awesome so far! While still having our own space to retreat into for introversion and make decisions about that only affect the two of us.

We can paint the walls of our new place purple!!! :D

As far as I know, everyone besides me will be Jewish (well, Susannah might not be done with the converting process yet, but she totally counts). Susannah will probably write about what that means to her, but I'm glad that it will make it easier for her to do Jewish community type stuff (being very very close to her synagogue seems like it'll be pretty useful for her too).

We will definitely need to cut down on our volume of stuff, but I think that will be a good thing. Teacozy is pretty awesome, but I think it's just a bit too much for us to keep tidy right now, and we basically use one of the two bedrooms just to store stuff we haven't dealt with. And there's a bunch of storage space in the basement at the new place, so we don't necessarily have to get rid of everything that won't fit in our space--but it'll be good to get rid of the clothes I haven't really worn since high school, you know? I will probably have a "please take this awesome stuff I don't actually need any more" bin at our housewarming.

The person who's currently in the 1-bedroom unit is moving out in early June, so hopefully we can do some painting and other prep work in mid-June and move some of our stuff early so that Teacozy has more space for sorting through stuff.

It will be a little sad to not be a two-minute walk away from the houses of a bunch of people I know, but I think that I've proven lately that it's possible to be insufficiently social with people no matter how nearby they are :/ I think that the need to consciously plan to see people and be proactive about it will actually be good for me. And I'm getting a bike so that I can more easily go visit other people's houses! It's quite likely to be this awesome bike (if I still like it after extensive test-riding, which will probably happen this weekend) and I'm going to put black vine-y/scroll-y reflective stickers on it and it'll be ridiculous and girlygothy and awesome ^___^

I still need to talk to our landlord about the fact that we're moving out. And I'm not really looking forward to the moving process (especially feeling bleh about having prospective tenants come look at our current apartment and needing to clean it for that purpose). But I am very much looking forward to being moved, to living there and making it a home. I think it'll be an awesome adventure.

(I'll probably babble more about this in the upcoming month or so, I feel like I still haven't said everything I want to about moving even though this entry is already ridiculously long.)

*Actual Moving Day TM will probably be sometime in the last week of June, most likely on a weekend day.


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