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...not to dream less, but to dream more, to dream all the time.

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Birthdate:May 4
Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America
Website:purpleshiny jewelry
Weeeellll I guess I am using this thing, I am not sure how it will interact with my LJ (of the same name) but I welcome suggestions :)

I am trying out this whole 'subscribing to interesting people's journals even though I don't know them' thing. I think I like it. Don't feel pressured to subscribe back if my writing isn't of interest. I don't currently have a lot of locked content, but I will reciprocate access if given it.

About me: crafty coder bisexual geek gal with purple hair and a distressingly short atten--ooh, look, a shiny!

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3d, 3d graphics, adventure games, alpha phi omega, androgyny, apo, assemblage23, backrubs, being silly, bisexuality, blender, blockprinting, burning man, cat valente, comfort, computer graphics, course 19, crafting, creating, crochet, crocheting, cute people, d'ni, dead can dance, delerium, depeche mode, destuckification, discovery, distractions, dreaming, dresden codak, echo bazaar, electronic music, enigma, exploring, falling you, falsifying statistics, feminism, firefly, four tet, freezepop, fuzzy things, garment district, geekfeminism, great big sea, hats, ice cream, ihtfp, inkscape, interactive fiction, kingdom of loathing, knee-high socks, knitting, lady gaga, little tibet (clothing store), lois mcmaster bujold, long hair, loreena mckennitt, lotr, lyrical imperfections, making jewelry, making stuff, man ray, minecraft, mit, mit assassins' guild, morr music, myst, nausicaa, noodling around with crafty things, not pretending, not the green line, not tooling, ochre, open source, people puzzles, poetry, polyamory, postal service, pretending, purple, purple elephants, purple shiny, purple things, python, random hall, ray tracing, reading, real genius, reuse-dreams, rice boy (comic), riven, rivenguild, roof and tunnel hacking, sandman, sf, shiny things, sigur ros, singing, skirts, sleep, sleep deprivation, slinkies, spinning, square dancing, steampunk, suspension of disbelief, swishy things, tale of tales, tech squares, terry pratchett, the decemberists, the dresden dolls, the new pornographers, the smashing pumpkins, thinking about gender, tolkien, twilit overcast skies, ursula k. leguin, ursula leguin, vnv nation, webcomics, zephyr
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