It suddenly got very hot and muggy here in Camberville. Luckily, my basement (which is where I work on jewelry) is at least 10 degrees cooler than our apartment. This evening, "jewelry is all I can think about" was an even more accurate statement than usual. My brain is like a Discworld troll's--hot weather, especially humid weather, reduces my mental capacity to "reading the internet is so... hard... but everything else is harder... ugh". I can feel myself getting smarter with every step down into the cool basement.

So I went to the basement and wrangled things instead of being an internet zombie this evening! This time I remembered to take pictures (though not always at the points that make for good narration).

Words and pictures this way! )
I'd like to start blogging more about metalsmithing, and the messy-yet-rewarding process of creating jewelry! That content is what I'm going to be putting up just here over the next 3 weeks, both to make the process a little less intimidating as compared to my wider net of blogs, and to contribute something to the [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw fest.

But right now my brain is fried and I'm having trouble getting started on a project. So!

Who wants to give me jewelry prompts? You can suggest anything, however vague or concrete (though I reserve the right to veto, say, a suggestion to make a steampunk rubber chicken).

oh hey, I have more icon slots, I could icon up shiny things I've made more recently than a year ago!


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