I left a comment about gender inequality on the Make magazine blog! I don't know if I worded it perfectly, but. And I don't know that I would've felt brave enough to do that a few weeks ago. I've also been commenting on the latest RaceFail posts--judiciously, for the most part, trying to aim for the low-hanging fruit 101-level derailing/naive stuff that I can debunk relatively easily. I don't know. I think that the voice in my head that says that talking about serious ideas wasn't something for me to do has quieted down a bit. I think that a big part of it was signing up here--it just kicked me out of a rut that'd been getting narrower and narrower. So, um, yay?

I REALLY should be asleep right now, but there are things I want to make posts about in the future. They are All About Me, but that's one of the things a journal is for, eh?

Things to write about:

-Oh Hai, my very-me-specific worldviews and where I think some of them are from (the West, living in several places growing up, the Forest Service, other stuff)
-inventory of the crafty things I have tried, liked, want to try, am good at, am terrible at, etc.
-thoughts on the "I'm not a Gamer, but I play some games, I'm not a Reader, but I read some stuff" thing that's in my head
-being a jack-of-all-trades, thinking about how to feel multifaceted instead of fragmented/scattered


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