Full shot of the costume

There are a bunch of neat little details in this costume that I'm really proud of.

The back:
Corset-style lacing on the back of the vest
I laced through safety pins with stretchy cord to give the vest a more fitted shape. The folded fabric looks kind of awkward in this photo, but it's not really so strange in person. The silk of the vest is reinforced underneath with strips of felt. The gears really are ones I "just happened to have lying around my workshop", which makes me feel almost like an authentic steampunk person or something :p

I embroidered a couple of swirly/gear designs on the front:
Detail of embroidery

Hope to see some of you at the convention! Look for my table in the back half of the vendor area in the Watch Factory. I'm also hoping to do a demo on the common on Sunday in the early afternoon, making a big, textured copper pendant using a Waltham Watch Company watch movement :)

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laughingrat: A richly-embroidered panel from a reproduction 17th-century jacket..  Motifs are plants, birds, and insects. (Making)

From: [personal profile] laughingrat

That's super cute, love the small touches (esp. the embroidery), and whatever you've done to make your hair multicolored like that is really nifty.
talia_et_alia: Photo of my short blue hair. (Default)

From: [personal profile] talia_et_alia

I realize you are there now and already reaping the effects of your awesome, but: embroidery !!!

Also: both D and I have concluded recently "we want a thing like that. I wonder if we could commission Riv for it?" (me = cufflinks and/or lower-gauge jewelry, I think complex earring-stuff for him?) Should we try to make this happen before we move (~August), or does that sound difficult given your calendar?

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