These don't have much story to go with them, but they look so awesome that I don't care. Heeheehee. So that's TEN pendants, most with gemstones and a couple without. There's amber, turquoise, garnet, malachite, labradorite, and carnelian in here. I'm contemplating doing a couple more with larger amethysts in the middle, too.

Hmm, I should make improving my light box (for taking nice photos in the basement studio) a priority after ISC. When I've just completed something, I'm so full of amazement at what I've done, so proud that I've managed to wrestle some scraps of metal into the shape and finish that I wanted, that I'm eager to take photos. It's like, I don't know, taking pictures of your favorite kitten or something--so much fun you can't even fathom not wanting to do it. When I save up new pieces to take a ton of pictures on a sunny day, that's when it feels like a chore. Good to know!

Oh, and ISC had some kind of website problem. Their website is now here: International Steampunk City Waltham.

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So vending at International Steampunk City is (obviously, given the flood of posts from super-important to me, and coming up in just a couple of weeks. I need to get myself, my items, and my folding table to Waltham on Friday, May 6, and back home again on Sunday, May 8. The earlier on Friday and the later on Sunday, the better. In the worst case, I can take a bus with a couple of helpers and haul things, but having rides would make things so much simpler. Is anyone I know with a car planning to go anyway and willing to take on a passenger and some stuff?

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